“It matters not that you won or lost,
but how you played the game.”



How to become a Member

The Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame has FOUR types of memberships:

The Corporate Membership is aimed at adding corporations and businesses to our list of contributing members. With a $300.00 (or above) donation annually, the Corporate Member becomes a vital factor in the continuing support of our organization which is dedicated to the perpetuation of Stockton’s athletic heritage and memorabilia. The donor receives ten tickets to the Annual Induction Banquet held in November.

Other types of memberships are:

Gold ($130), who receive 4 tickets to the Banquet
Silver ($70), 2 tickets to the Banquet
Bronze ($35), who receive one ticket.

Contributions are tax deductible and form the basic financial support of the Hall of Fame. The Annual Induction Banquet would not be possible without our dues paying members. Anyone interested in becoming a member can contact any of the board members.

Please click to download form: Membership Application

Fill out the application and mail it with your check payable to Stockton Hall of Fame:

Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame
445 W. Weber, Ste. 220
Stockton, CA 95203