Memorial Awards

The Hall of Fame has a beautiful plaque with individual plates that will hold the names (engraved) of persons to be commemorated. A suggested donation of $100.00 or more either individually given or a combination of donors will:

Receive a note of thanks from the Hall of Fame Board;


Know that the family of the deceased will receive a card notifying them of your donation;


Know that a plate engraved with the name of the decedent will be affixed to the plaque; and


Know that their donations are 100% tax deductible.

If you are able to help this worthwhile cause, please send your contribution along with:

The name of the deceased;


The name and address of the family to be notified; and


Your name, address, and phone number, if they are not on your check.

Send to:

Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarships, 445 W. Weber Ave., Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203.

Thank you very much for considering this important project!!!

To date the following deceased have been remembered by family and/or friends with their names being added to the Memorial Plaque: