Rules of Eligibility for Nomination for Induction to The Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame

To be eligible for induction in the Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame, a nominee should have any one of the first three requirements.


Having been born in Stockton.


Went to school in Stockton.


Contributed to athletics either as a competitor, coach, athletic manager, or general benefactor in Stockton.


Perform the first noteworthy athletic contribution at least five (5) years before the nomination, even if they are still competing in their sport.


Have exhibited sportsmanship, citizenship, and continuing contribution to athletics in addition to the primary reason for nomination.


Must have lived or performed in Stockton for two (2) years while performing the noteworthy athletic event if the nominee fails to meet one of the first three requirements.


If the nomination papers are completed to the satisfaction of the Committee, and are submitted on or before April first of the current year, the candidate will then be eligible to be voted upon for induction that year. If said candidate is selected by the committee, he/she will be inducted at the Annual Banquet held in November that year.

If a candidate is not selected for the current year, they will be placed on a list for future induction.

Nominate an Athlete

If you would like to nominate an athlete, coach, athletic manager, contributor to athletics, a team or a family of athletes for induction in the Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame, please send us Nomination form.