KENDALL KENYON DENTONI BASKETBALL PLAYER & COACH Kendall was born 9/17/1993 in Stockton. She attended Annunciation Elementary (1998-2007), St. Mary’s High School (2007-11), and University of the Pacific (2011-15), receiving a Masters degree in 2018. She played on CYO basketball teams beginning in 4th grade with her father as coach through 8th grade. At St....
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1971-72 Delta Kings (alphabetically): Don Adams, Rodney Alcover, Russell Coleman, Doug Dunn, Jamie Flores, Dan Gordon, John Hurley, Ed McCarra, Craig Minetto, Chris Mountjoy, Richard Witzke; Head Coach: Tom Conway; Assistance Coach: Bob Thomason; Manager: George Chimiklis   1972-73 Delta Kings (alphabetically): Rodney Alcover, Steve Bannon, Russell Coleman, Steve Copple, Dick Criner, Craig Gainza, John...
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