“It matters not that you won or lost,
but how you played the game.”



  1967-68 Edison High School Boys’ Basketball Team Alphabetically: Warren Abrams, John Bennett, Randolph Gaines, John Gianelli, Michael Harris, Gordon Ah Tye, George Kelly, Eugene Marrufo, Prentice McCray, Warner Merriott, William Miles, Ellis Porter, Richard Stallworth, Jerry Wilson, Madera Woods. Coaches (not pictured): John Nichols, Tom Conway The 1967-68 Edison team was called by some...
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  2011-14 Bella Bocce Team Left to right: Colleen Randazzo, Jo Ann Jacobs, Coach Manny Romo, Lydia Romo, and Laura de  la Rosa. In 2011, June 22 to June 28, the United States National Bocce Championships were held in Livermore, California. The Bella Bocce team won the United States Bocce Federation National Open Championship. This...
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Back row, left to right: Asst. Coach Sam Harrison, Asst. Coach Jody Wooton, Annissa Garcia, Afure Jemerigbe, Kendall Kenyon, Chelsea Gray, Head Coach Tom Gonsalves, Asst. Coach Tim Evans. Middle row: Onome Jemerigbe, Emily Gonsalves, Unique Coleman, Ali Gibson, Krista Rigsbee, Regina Camera. Front row: Gabby Zanini, Alle Moreno, Sabrina Visperas, Marrissa Ocon. 2009-10 St....
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1971 St. Mary’s Golden Rams Football Team Top row, left to right: Paul Picchi, David Poggi, Hardy Cook, Mike Hayes, Rick Rideldy, Alex Simpson, David LeBeauf, Randy Baysinger, David Ratto, Ron Inge, Greg Balcao, Rick Giovando. Third row: Coach Al Caton, Michael McNally, David Wainwright, John Zidich, Bill Stewart, Peter Craig, Bill Snyder, Greg Domench,...
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2014–2015 Team of the Year St. Mary’s High School Girls’ Division I Varsity Basketball Team Top row (left to right): Aquira DeCosta, Kat Tudor, Neenah Young, Mi’Cole Cayton, Kendle Norgaard, Sydney Fadal, Anessa Spradley. Front row: Carlissa Shipp, Ariel Johnson, Talisa Rivera, Sierra Smith, Lea Anderson-Swint, Caroline Stephens, Naje Murray, Angel Johnson. Not shown: Coaches:...
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